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Rave reviews for WHAT THE NIGHT BRINGS

at Aix-en-Provence Festival

The premiere of WHAT THE NIGHT BRINGS at Aix-en-Provence festival  was greeted with an enthusiastic response, both from the public and the international press:


"(...) Vasco Mendonça's superb final quintet." La Libre


"(...) as for Mendonça´s What The Night Brings, it´s the power and the sound explosion that stand out." Destimed


"(...) ultimately, it is a theatre of shadows that settles in for Vasco Mendonça´s vast creation and its moral: be ready for what the night brings." Zibeline


"(...) Vasco Mendonça´s What The Night Brings (...) made for an unsettling epilogue." The New York Times


"(...) a superb madrigal after a poem by Philip Larkin that finishes the show (...)" Forum Opera


"(...) Mendonça's piece (...) is one of the most interesting and accomplished works of the portuguese composer. (...)" Expresso


"(...) a strange and powerfully performed epilogue (...)" The Arts Desk