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Interview | If You Walk The Galaxies

Claudia Marques Santos | If You Walk The Galaxies, May 2017

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Interview | Antena 3

Ana Galvao | Donas da Casa, 16.12.16

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" (...) In musical terms, Bosch Beach is at the very highest level (...) Mendonça’s dark, restrained and sometimes plaintive tone&nb... Read More

Interview | "An opera for Gulbenkian Orchestra to play with stones"

When Vasco Mendonça was invited by the Foundation Bosch 500 to compose the music for this chamber opera (...), the librettist had already been ...

Isabel Salema | Publico, 20.09.16

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Interview | Antena 2

Paulo Alves Guerra | Imperio dos Sentidos, 20.10.16

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Interview | "Holiday in Paradise, with Hell next to it"

What has the work of Hieronymus Bosch in common with three European sunbathers in a Mediterranean resort? At first glance, nothing, but our perception...

Bernardo Mariano | Diario de Noticias, 19.10.16

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Interview | "I´ve always been interested in deviant behaviour"

The composer likes to see himself as a craftsman. A craftsman who carves the score with notes. Not just any notes. The notes that reflect what he thin...

Myriam Gaspar | Sábado, 12.10.16

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Interview | "An opera after Bosch and guilt"

With his previous chamber opera, The House Taken Over, being performed last week in New York, his last one, BOSCH BEACH, opened in September in Bruges...

Manuela Paraíso | Jornal de Letras, 12.10.16

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"National Sawdust announces second season"

National Sawdust, the experimental performance space that opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last fall and quickly became a vital part of New...

Michael Cooper | The New York Times

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