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" (...) In musical terms, Bosch Beach is at the very highest level (...) Mendonça’s dark, restrained and sometimes plaintive tone (...)"  Bernard Uske | Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.10.16


" (...) the exquisite score of Mendonça (...) Jorge Calado | Expresso, 15.10.16


" (...) the exciting score of Mendonça gives counteraction. Together with the musicians of the Asko|Schoenberg, he offers some thrilling percussive writing and gloomy bass lines. (...) Evelyne Coussens | Theaterkrant, 30.10.16


" (...) the main strenght of the piece resides precisely in Mendonça´s music. Besides his achievement of the timbrical diversity defined by his instrumentation of the piece, he knew how to create several layers (expressive characters) for his music: from superficiality to thickness, from dazzling brightness to pungency, the latter in changing hues of clearness.(...) The vocal lines are personalized, being clear a particular enjoyment in writing for the countertenor (...).  An actractive and stimulating score. (...) Bernardo Mariano | Diario de Noticias, 24.10.16


" (...) the particular use of raw percussion and wailing didgeridoos creates a rather menacing atmosphere" Peter Pim Windhost | Omroep Brabant, 12.10.16