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Interview | "A Conversation with Vasco Mendonça"

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Thibault Vicq | Opera Online, 31.01.21

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Reviews | Naxos Orchestral CD

''One of a rare breed of current composers whose personal style is instantly recognizable.''   Philip Scott | Fanfare, May 2020   ... Read More

Interview | "Piano for the new generations"

Go to magazine website [PT]   The Portuguese Vasco Mendonça disembarks in Brazil to present his first piano concerto in Sala S&atil...

Artur Tavares | Carbon Uomo, 22.10.18

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Report | Jornal da Noite

RTP 3 | Jornal 3, 20.06.18

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"A great concert of contemporary music (...). The catch was the world premiere of STEP RIGHT UP, Vasco Mendonça´s first piano conce... Read More

Interview | "Vasco Mendonça´s new adventure for piano

and orchestra"

STEP RIGHT UP can be translated as "gather round", or "come and see", as if summoning the audience for a show. An inviting title to the new piece by V...

Pedro Boléo | Publico, 15.06.18

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Interview | Jornal de Negócios

At his parents', Vasco Mendonca listened to jazz and classical music. Then he brought a guitar from friend's house and "tragedy" struck. The composer,...

Lúcia Crespo | A minha Economia, 15.06.18

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Interview | Antena 2

Paulo Alves Guerra | Império dos Sentidos, 15.06.18

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Interview | "The complicated relationship between the

piano and the orchestra, as seen by Vasco Mendonça"


The name is unusual, at the least. Vasco Mendonça explains: "It relates to the idea of outdoor music, a gathering of people attending a show. I...

Bernardo Mariano | Diario de Noticias, 15.06.18

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